PORTRAIT OF A MAN - Rapahel 1510 ca. This painting is listed in and 18th century inventory of the Borghese gallery as a work by Raphael, but after the fidei commission of 1833 it was attributed to Holbein, without specifying whether the reference was to Hand Holbein or his father, Hans Holbein the elder.


VIEW OF THE VILLA BORGHESE - Johan Wilhelm Baur 1636. Unlike Abraham van Cuylenborch’s view of the Villa Borghese, this painting shows the building, with some variations, closer at hand, with larger figures thronging the foreground. The view shows the double flight of steps, based on the one that designed by Michelangelo for the Palazzo


VASE OF FLOWERS - Jan Brueghel the Elder 1590 ca. Executed with the same technique - although, due to the different dimensions, not pendants - these paintings, datable to the last decade of the 16th century, should be considered together because of the evident similarities in the way the still life are represented. Although the


ANDROMEDA - Rutilio Manetti 1612 Chained by her wrists to a rock, Andromeda gazes with terror at the sea, where a monster threateningly opens its jaws; in the background, in the sky, Purseus appears on the winged horse Pegasus. According to the mythological account, Andromeda‘s mother, Cassiopea, the wife of the Ethiopian king Cepheus,


SELF PORTRAIT AS BACCHUS - Caravaggio 1606 Also known as sick Bacchus, due to the pallid face, this painting is the first of a number of small self portraits made using a mirror. The first of these self portraits was a Bacchus with several bunches of grapes, made with great diligence but in a


MADONNA DEI PALAFRENIERI - Caravaggio 1606 Commissioned by the confraternity of the Palafrenieri, this painting was originally intended for Saint Ann's chapel in St. Peter's. The vicissitudes of this painting are well documented from the receipt for payment for the painter on 8 April 1606, which implies that it had been completed by this


SAINT JOHN THE BAPTIST - Caravaggio 1610 Saint John the Baptist was one of Caravaggio's favorite subjects; The most famous versions are in the Capitoline museum of Rome and in the Nelson Gallery of Kansas City. Younger than the other paintings, this depiction of Saint John the Baptist, one of the artists late works


SAINT JEROME - Caravaggio 1606 The striking features of this painting are the illusionistic representation of the still life on the table and the impact of the red cloak enveloping the white haired figure of the saint. Poring over the volumes of the holy scripture and engaged in an exegetical task, as the quill


DIANA ET ACTAEON - Bernardino Cesari 1610 ca. According to a Greek myth, Actaeon, the son of Aristaeus and Autonoe, surprises Diana, the Greek Artemis, while she was bathing with her nymphs. As a punishment she turned him into a stag and, no longer recognized by his pack of 50 hounds, she was torn

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