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Despite the fact that the head has been restored, the statue is one of the best of the 20 known copies of the sleeping hermaphrodite. In his investigation of the origins, Plato postulated that the nature was indivisible and perfect before the division of the sexes; The son of Hermes and Aphrodite, Hermaphrodite  was then describe by Ovid in a passage of his metamorphosis, which is the origin of the popularity of this subject. The sleeping hermaphrodite was the invention of Polykles in he period when families of Athenian artists started to work for Roman patrons, the arbiters of the new equilibrium in the Mediterranean. Resembling those made by demiurges of the classical world, it is a living creature that, lying outstretched in its sleep, radiates ambiguous seductiveness. According to one’s view point, it may appear to be female or male, and it’s very sleep is ambivalent, seeming to be both innocent and troubled.