Project Description

DAVID – Bernini 1623

David is a life-size marble sculpture, completed in the course of seven months from 1623 to 1624. Bernini’s David is like a major league pitcher winding up to throw a 95 miles an hour fastball. The pitcher gathers all of his strength for each pitch and puts everything he has into it.

The statue was placed in such away that spectators would perceive the tension of the biblical hero as he was about the sling the stone that was the cause of Goliath’s defeat. It was in his choice of this movement that Bernini’s innovation lay, distinguishing his work from earlier statues of David such as Michelangelos. The Biblical hero is caught in the moment just before he hurls his stone, when his whole body is tensed and concentrated on his effort. He stands alert, his brow creased with concentration. His mouth frowns in grimacing detail as his right arm reaches behind him to put a stone in the sling held by his other hand. Deep lines of concentration show the alertness of the young man as he stands poised and ready to defeat his foe. At David’s feet is represented Saul’s armor, which the hero has laid down, together with his helmet and sword in order to fight Goliath naked and unarmed.