The section below is a compilation of some of the most frequent questions we receive by email. We have added some additional tips, we hope you find them useful. For any further questions, please do not hesitate in asking

When is the best time to visit the Borghese?2017-10-03T11:29:43+02:00

That is difficult to determine because there are hundreds of visitors at all times of the day at the Borghese. However, it does seem that there are less visitors right around and after lunch (1-3pm time slot) as well as early in the morning (9 am) These are our own personal observations based on years of experience. We are sharing what we have observed during our own visits.

Why is there such a long line at the Borghese?2017-10-10T10:42:36+02:00

There is a long line to enter the Borghese Gallery only if you do not buy tickets on our website and do not use our skip-the-line service. If you book through other vendors including the official Borghese gallery website (www.galleriaborghese.it) you will need to collect your ticket at the ticket office. The Borghese gallery is the only gallery in the world to host the greatest number of painting by Caravaggio. Not only, it contains sculptures, paintings, and floor mosaics by artists such as Canova ,Bernini and Raphael. For these reasons, the gallery is visited yearly by over half a million people per year.

To avoid long lines at peak times, your tickets now https://galleriaborgheseticket.it/ticket/galleria-borghese-ticket/ and spend more time within the museum rather than outside in line.

Can I take pictures or video inside the Borghese Gallery?2017-10-03T11:28:32+02:00

Taking photographs is allowed inside the Gallery provided you do not use flash.. Please be respectful of other visitors who are admiring the works of art when taking photos. The use of “selfie-sticks” is prohibited within the museum. You cannot use a tripod either.

Does the Borghese gallery provide a cloakroom service?2017-10-10T10:43:23+02:00

The Borghese gallery provides a cost free storage for all large purses, backpacks and umbrellas.

Unfortunately, the queue to check-in and check-out bags may result in a long delay.

We strongly suggest to bring only small pouches or hand bags no bigger than 10x20x5 cm that may easily contain your personal ID and wallet. All other bags will have to be stored in the


Are there audio guides inside the museum?2017-10-03T11:27:49+02:00

Yes, audio guides can be rented directly at the Borghese. After you’ve entered the museum, right next to the ticket office you’ll find the audio guide desk. The price for each audio guide is €5,00. If you book your tickets directly on our website, you will be able to download an audio guide on your smartphone at no extra charge

Does the Borghese have wheelchairs for disabled visitors?2017-10-03T11:27:28+02:00

Yes, it does have wheelcjairs. Ask for one as soon as you enter the museum. You cannot reserve a wheelchair ahead of time, it works on a first-come, first-served basis. Just make your request as soon as you arrive.

How do we get to the Borghese Gallery?2017-10-03T11:26:54+02:00

With Metro Line A (RED)

The closest Metro stop is Spagna (marked blue on the map). Once you exit the metro follow the directions for Via Veneto (not Villa Borghese). From the Piazza di Spagna Metro stop to the gallery is a 25 min walk.

You can also go by foot from PiazzaleFlaminio (Flaminio stop) and that is also a 25/30 minute walk.


If you plan on using the Metro, please be aware of pickpockets!


Arriving with public transportation:

The Borghese Gallery is located in the vast Villa Borghese Park to the north-east of the city centre.

The “meeting point” marker represents the Museo Borghese and there are three bus stops that surround

the Villa Borghese Park. Most of the buses will pass by “PiazzaleBrasile” which is a 10 minute walk to the

museum. The top right stop is frequented by buses #’s52, 53, 53, 910. The 910 is perhaps the most

frequented bus on this route. You can take the 910 from Termini Station to the Galleria Borghese. It’s

about five stops from Termini to the Pinciana/Museo Borghese stop.


Arriving by Taxi:

Please notify driver to arrive at “Museo Galleria Borghese”


When is the Borghese museum open?2017-10-03T11:26:37+02:00

The Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 am till 7 pm. It is closed on Monday, on the first Sunday of each month and on Italy’s main national holidays. Please check this page for further details https://galleriaborgheseticket.it/contact/

Can I visit other museums in Rome on the same day?2017-10-03T11:26:07+02:00

Due to the strict two hour time slot allowed in the Borghese Gallery, you may decide plan to plan a visit to another museum either in the morning or afternoon (depending on when you plan to visit the Borghese Gallery). The Gallery is very close to the Metro and downtime area making it easy to plan a trip to some other museum.

Is there a long line/wait at the Borghese?2017-10-10T10:44:22+02:00

If you buy a ticket directly on-site at the Borghese gallery official website (www.tosc.it) you do not have a skip-the-service which implies that you have to go to the ticket office to collect it. If you book through our website, with our skip-the-line service exchange your voucher with a ticket and off you go!

General Questions about galleriaborgheseticket.it; is it the official website for the Borghese Gallery?2017-10-06T11:52:20+02:00

No, galleriaborgheseticket.it is not the official/institutional website for the Borghese Gallery. This website was born to provide useful information on the Borghese Gallery offering suggestions on the masterpieces you shouldn’t miss and where to find them..

Where can I find the “official” website for the Borghese Gallery?2017-10-06T11:53:41+02:00

The official/institutional website is http://www.galleriaborghese.it/it/.

Why should I book through galleriaborgheseticket.it?2019-07-26T14:49:17+02:00

If you book through our website, you benefit from
1. A wide availability of dates for Tickets and Tours
2. Customer service by native English-speaking team
3. Trusted booking partners that offer high quality service
4. Refund up to 72 hours prior your booking
5. Skip-the-line service
6. Brochure of the gallery with floor maps indicting major artworks location
7. Audio guide of more than 30 art works

I have read that the Borghese ticket should cost 15,00 euro, why do I see a different price on your website?2017-10-10T10:40:40+02:00

If you buy your tickets through galleriaborgheseticket.it, you do benefit from skip-the-line service and refund policy. Moreover, we offer an audio guide which is easily downloadable on your smartphone which is updated and user-friendly.

If you purchase tickets through our website, you will receive great customer service from experienced travel operators and you can also change the date or time of your tickets if your travel plans change or cancel your tickets. You may also decide to buy a guided tour and discover masterpieces of art at one of Rome’s most impressive museums on a 3-hour tour of the Borghese Gallery. Admire sculptures, paintings, and floor mosaics by artists such as Canova, Bernini and Caravaggio. See one of the Rome’s most exquisite villas. You may decide to buy tickets for the Borghese gallery and upgrade to a guided tour on the day of your reservation.

On other sites, pre-booked tickets are often non-refundable or cannot be modified.

About Visiting the Borghese Gallery How long is a visit to the Borghese?2017-10-03T11:25:50+02:00

The Borghese Gallery allows a two hour time slot and is very strict about it. We suggest to be at the meeting 15 minutes prior to your booking time. After you have visited the gallery, you may stroll in the beautiful park and gardens surroundings the Villa (Free entry – no ticket required)

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